Transform lives, including your own with Ark Teacher Training

By Isabella Bartlett and Kate Perham-Marchant

“Ark offer such intense and in depth training that I have the best possible chance of becoming an outstanding teacher with Ark.” – Testimonial from a University of Birmingham Student.

Have you ever been interested in teaching languages? If no, why not? Teaching hosts a wide range of advantages, both for you as a teacher and for the students you are teaching. It offers a stable career with career progression opportunities, and the ability to maintain a good work-life balance through its regular hours, all alongside developing a wide personal skillset useful in all walks of life! 

You also have the opportunity to make a huge difference to students’ lives through sharing your passion for languages with them and facilitating their learning experience. A career in teaching is a career which makes a difference! Encompassing all of this is the values of Ark’s Teacher Training Programme; a programme seeking to reduce educational inequalities and maximise opportunities for all students, regardless of their social and economic background. If you’re interested in languages, we’re certain that you understand their importance in the education system and why we need to continue to promote them!

Ark works across four regions in the UK; where the need is greatest, meaning the trainees can make a real difference, where it matters most! These regions are London, Portsmouth, Hastings and Birmingham – so if you feel like you have just settled in, with Ark – you don’t have to leave Birmingham immediately after graduating! That being said, the programme is a year-long, and at the end of this – you are fully qualified and able to pursue your teaching career anywhere you like!

Ark’s programme is completely unique in the sense that you are able to meet the school before you officially start! This allows you to familiarise yourself with the environment in which you’ll spend the next year. You are supported hugely throughout the year in a combination of ways, including receipt of two personal mentors: one in school and also a member of the Ark Teacher Training Scheme. You will also receive subject specific training, so that you can really feel confident in teaching your subject alongside learning to be the best teacher you can be! The level of support Ark gives you throughout this programme really sets it apart and makes sure that they create the best group of teachers who love what they do!

In general, the government are currently looking for more MFL teachers and are offering the highest bursary of £26,000 for those looking to train as an MFL teacher! Ark specifically are looking for keen, motivated students of French, or Spanish (unfortunately they currently do not offer German) and we would love to hear from as many UoB students as possible.

If you are interested in hearing any more information about this programme or Ark’s mission, please join the Facebook Group: ‘University of Birmingham Ark Teacher Training Interest Group’, contact Kate Perham-Marchant (, or have a look at our website: 

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