Five artists to look out for in 2020

By Jane Herbelin

At a time when access to culture is no further away than your pocket, it would be a shame not to make the most of it. Younger generations are as incredibly creative in their work as they are in putting themselves out there! From Instagram, to museums, here is a list of young artists you should definitely discover this year. 

> Welcome to « Mousganistan », the artistic universe of Mous Lamrabat.
Through his work, the intuitive Fashion photographer, explores and plays with Moroccan aesthetics, its obsession with branding, and likes to deconstruct the stereotypes of the Arabic world.

His instagram: mouslamrabat

> Jeanne LMB is an illustrator and tattoo artist, from Montpellier.
Her poetic compositions translate her definition of womanhood… sensitive but strong and unruly. Every piece of art is comparable to a magic chest in which can be found naked bodies, dinosaurs, felines and snakes.

Her instagram: Jeannelmb 

> Elsa Belda is a photograph from Johannesburg, South Africa.
She describes herself as a « lover of little details ». Her work brings Animes, Lo-fi, and Gaspard Noé aesthetics vibes: a real eye candy!

Her Instagram: elsabelda 

>Cassi Namoda, an artists depicting the pleasures and pain of the life in Mozambique though her paintings. Go discover her beautiful work at the Pippy Houlsworth Gallery in London, from the 24 of January to the 7th of March 2020!

Her Instagram: cas_namoda 

> Yes, it is sometimes essentials to reconnect with the foundation of all: clay. Franca-Christina, ceramist from New-Zealand, explores forms and glazes through her art. She is an apprentice at the Tortus Studio, with a bunch of other amazing artists! 

Her Instagram: objects_franca

page2image33740272 Mous Iambrabat

page2image33740480 Jeanne Imb

page2image33740688Elsa Belda

page3image33743600 Casi Namoda

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