24 hours in Barcelona changed my degree structure, for the better!

Barcelona, what a beautiful city. In fact, ‘beautiful’ is an understatement. I spent 24 hours here, and just could not get enough. I had to go back for another 72 hours a year later. 

From la Sagrada Familia to Monjuïc, from the Gothic Quarter to Las Ramblas, there’s always something to do in Barcelona.

I first visited Barcelona a couple of months prior to beginning university, consolidating my choice to study Catalan. Upon seeing the gorgeous architecture, which I later studied in a second-year module, I fell in love. Thank you, Ildefons Cerdà, for providing Barcelona with such gorgeous architecture. I couldn’t quite get enough of it. I just fell in love. As soon as I came out of the metro station at Urgell, I knew this was the place to be. 

Following this trip, I began my Catalan studies at university, falling more and more in love with Catalonia and its capital each day. I’m due to spend a year doing Erasmus there, beginning in September, too!

Monjuïc is an absolutely gorgeous place. I spent some time there prior to heading to the airport – what a blissful morning that was. It was a sunny, quiet Thursday morning. There was a gorgeous breeze in the air. The greenery was looked after, and there was a wonderful view of the Barcelona skyline. 

The museum of Catalonia’s history was moving. It was really emotional to see the dark past of Catalonia’s history, but very informative too. It’s definitely worth a visit! 

Another thing is, of course, la Sagrada Familia. This iconic landmark built by Antoni Gaudí in the 1880s is simply astonishing. In fact, it was never finished, so they began reconstructing it in 2010! I’m really excited to see the finished result!

But, one thing you can’t beat, is the food. Pa amb tomàquet (soft tomato spread across crusty bread) as a starter, a paella for your main, and crema catalana for dessert, you just can’t go wrong! 

I strongly advise a trip to Barcelona. It’s pricey, but if you get plane tickets at the right time it’s a bargain! It’s a beautiful city, and well worth the visit. 

Emma Bralic Velho

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