Magical Moments in Charming Croatia

My name is Emma and I am about to start my fourth and final year of studying Modern Languages (French and Spanish). I have just returned from a year abroad studying in Grenoble, France. I am really looking forward to getting involved in the Linguist and reading all of your wonderful articles!

When I waited in the flurry of queues at the airport in June, I had no idea what to expect of my trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia. My friend and I had booked it quite spontaneously, eagerly lapping up the discounted flights and cheap accommodation by the beach. I must admit I didn’t really know much about Croatia, but my horizons were about to be expanded.

When I arrived, I was greeted with a wall of thirty-degree heat, accompanied with a cool sea breeze and the hustle and bustle of a very vibrant city. Dubrovnik. It is probably most famous for its role as a filming location for the hit series, Game of Thrones.

It also stands as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which recognises its breath-taking medieval architecture and old town. Walking through the old town is a truly enchanting experience. At each corner, you are greeted by the smell of Croatian cuisine, which boasts an impressive array of fish and meat dishes alike.

Particularly worthy of a mention is the local cuttlefish risotto, a creamy rice dish that is completely black in colour, dyed by the ink of the cuttlefish. Certainly, a local delicacy that everyone should try in Croatia.

You would not be in Dubrovnik if you didn’t explore the myriad of coves and beaches during your trip. A glistening stretch of cool, blue water is not far away.

This is the perfect way to cool down if the Croatian summer heat gets a bit too much for you. There are also plenty of natural caves and arches to swim through if your curiosity gets the better of you. On that note, there is a plethora of day trips to go on to see what the surrounding islands have to offer. An all-day boat trip to the various islands, with a meal included, is both an affordable and unforgettable experience.

A trip to the striking Lokrum Island will allow you to swim in a saltwater cove, see the peacocks, or relax on the seafront with a nice cocktail.

If it’s culture you’re interested in, Dubrovnik is the home of the Red Museum, which provides an enigmatic way to fill up a rainy afternoon.

The museum showcases Croatia’s modern history, whilst also painting a realistic and engaging picture of what life was like under the communist regime of Yugoslavia. It is interactive and certainly provides an exciting antidote to the typical tourist activities on offer in the city. Ziplining also offers a fun way to see the magnificent views of Dubrovnik and its surrounding areas from high above. It is something a bit different, and a way to put yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Dubrovnik will always be a very memorable travel experience for me, due to several reasons. The people of Dubrovnik are some of the most welcoming and helpful people I have ever met. They were always on hand to offer travel tips from a local, or to furnish you with a shot of grappa, a highly alcoholic brandy!

Furthermore, the stunning scenery and delectable cuisine are two more reasons for Croatia being such a noteworthy place to visit.

Emma Gardner – Culture Editor

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