Stammtisch: More than just a Beer with Strangers

Hi I’m Roberta, a fourth year French, German and Russian student, returning from my year (ish) abroad in Erfurt and Moscow.  This year I will be undertaking the role of Treasurer for the Linguist Magazine. As an avid networker, I am eager to get involved with such a cultural and international community in Birmingham, especially…

The Hidden Positives of a Year Abroad

So, what is the truth about the infamous year abroad? You may have guessed the answer pretty quickly: in short, it’s not what you expected. It’s more.

Three top tips for your year abroad in Paris

by Tiana Phillips I’m sure most students planning a year abroad will be familiar with the slightly daunting feeling of uncertainty leading up to their departure. For me, it’s almost a year on from those initial few months of stress and paperwork, and now I’m a mere three weeks away from the end of my…

Travelling and Studying Abroad

By Léa Saltet Deciding to study abroad, one of the best choices I’ve made in my life to spend a whole academic year abroad is an opportunity that everybody should seize, and in this article, I’ll tell you my own experience which, I hope, will make you want to study in another country as well….