Current Affairs

Michael Curzon – third year student of History and Political Science.

My main interest – in regard to politics – is British politics. As dull as this is currently (dare I mention the B word?), my attention is usually focused on that which affects my nation of birth. This said, I appreciate the significance of foreign affairs, so am excited to begin my second year as editor of the Linguist’s Current Affairs section.

Last year, I wrote or commissioned articles commenting mostly on events in the Middle East and America. Over the next year, I hope to extend the scope of the section to feature discussion of affairs other areas too, such as Africa.

Unlike most who work and write for the Linguist, I do not speak another language (though I am currently battling with Italian!). I do, however, possess a great interest in different cultures, thanks to my reading of literature and listening of the classics. I hope I can continue to convey this over the next year as editor of this section.

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