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I’m Holly, a returning Year Abroad student studying French and Music. I will be the chair of the UoB Linguist this year after two years as French editor. I love to spent time outdoors and playing Music.
My name is Harvey, I’m a final year German student returning from studying abroad in Tübingen. This year, I’ll be running events and Social Media as well as editing the German section. In my free time I enjoy gaming and Politics.
I’m Emily, a second year Spanish and Italian student. This year, I’ll be taking the role as secretary for the UoB Linguist Magazine. My Favourite Hobbies are running and travelling to new places.

Hi I’m Roberta, a fourth year French, German, and Russian student returning from my Year Abroad in Erfurt and Moscow. This year I will be Treasurer for the UoB Linguist magazine. In my free time I enjoy exploring new cultures via their cuisine, music, and architecture!

My name is Eleanor, I’m a final year French and German student returning from my placement abroad teaching English. After writing for the UoB Linguist for two years, I’m excited to be designing the 2020 magazine!

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