Life and Style

Hi all! My name is Ella and I’m the Life and Style editor for the magazine this year. I’m currently working in a coffee shop in a little town in western France. It’s so fantastic, even though it rains most of the time and I am eating far too much!

In September, I will start my second year of studying French and Spanish. I remember visiting the Ashley building when I was applying for university and on the table in front of me there was a copy of The Linguist – my dad turned to me and said ‘this looks like your sort of thing’, so here I am!

I am very passionate about culture and politics and I hope to use my section of the magazine to promote global cultures and different ways of life. I am looking forward to being able to share some of this passion and love for the world through my little section of the magazine! Here’s the Life and Style Facebook group; feel free to join and message me article ideas!