Trabajando en Madrid: ¿viviendo la vida loca o la vida ocupada?

Por Jessica Waugh-Bacchus Llevo los últimos tres meses trabajando en la redacción de una revista que ubicada en Madrid. Mi experiencia aquí en Madrid me ha enseñado mucho con respecto a los entresijos del estilo de vida en las oficinas españolas – cabe decir que la jornada en España va más allá de una siesta….

From Real Madrid to Birmingham City

By Roseanna Conway This time last year I was preparing to go to Madrid for my year abroad, a compulsory part of my English Language and Spanish degree. The prospect was daunting, so much so that there were times when I considered not going at all.  One year on, I’m very grateful I conquered my…

The Year Abroad Blues

By Fabiana Barber Monday morning. I’d gently open the balcony doors to feel the warm Madrid sun hug me, as light flooded my room. I’d sip a ‘Café con leche’ with a sugar-topped Magdalena in Plaza de Callao, content with the day ahead. After lectures had finished, I’d head home to my 12-person flat filled…

Why the Erasmus grant is essential

By Roseanna Conway One potential and very serious consequence of Brexit is the abolition of the Erasmus grant which supports British students, who seek to broaden their language and cultural horizons by spending a semester or a year abroad in a European country, learning a foreign language. I am currently on my year abroad working…

Travelling and Studying Abroad

By Léa Saltet Deciding to study abroad, one of the best choices I’ve made in my life to spend a whole academic year abroad is an opportunity that everybody should seize, and in this article, I’ll tell you my own experience which, I hope, will make you want to study in another country as well….