Trabajando en Madrid: ¿viviendo la vida loca o la vida ocupada?

Por Jessica Waugh-Bacchus Llevo los últimos tres meses trabajando en la redacción de una revista que ubicada en Madrid. Mi experiencia aquí en Madrid me ha enseñado mucho con respecto a los entresijos del estilo de vida en las oficinas españolas – cabe decir que la jornada en España va más allá de una siesta….

The Hidden Positives of a Year Abroad

So, what is the truth about the infamous year abroad? You may have guessed the answer pretty quickly: in short, it’s not what you expected. It’s more.

Visiting Your Besties Without Breaking the Bank

By Lily King If you have mates living abroad, it can seem impossible to visit them without breaking the bank. These top tips will be sure to help you save the pennies when you travel. Book in advance Transport is often a lot cheaper if you book way in advance! Check out how far in…

Three top tips for your year abroad in Paris

by Tiana Phillips I’m sure most students planning a year abroad will be familiar with the slightly daunting feeling of uncertainty leading up to their departure. For me, it’s almost a year on from those initial few months of stress and paperwork, and now I’m a mere three weeks away from the end of my…