Hey everyone! My name’s Emma and I’m the Travel editor for the Linguist magazine this year, and I believe that travelling is the best way to discover a new culture! I absolutely love languages, and I’m about to start my second year studying Spanish, Portuguese and translation.

Without a doubt, the best part of learning a language is putting it into practice when travelling. I frequently visit the south of Spain, giving me a chance to practice my language skills with many welcoming people. Spain is full of beautiful cities and towns which I’m only just beginning to discover as I’m currently on a 5 week trip travelling throughout Spain! At some point, I’d love to participate in La Tomatina (an annual tomato-throwing festival held in a small town in Valencia), explore the beautiful Amazon rainforest, visit Reykjavik to see the Northern Lights and to go to a Eurovision final, whichever country that may be in!

During my first year, I would often be found in the Strathcona coffee lounge reading the latest issue of the Linguist magazine whilst waiting for my next seminar. This year, I hope to get more people engaged with the travel section, as it provides inspiration for travel and may encourage you to immerse yourself into new cultures!