Impressions of the UK

By Angelina Paseva

Every country is unique in its own way! So in the following article I want to tell to you some interesting and funny first impressions from a Bulgarian student in the UK…

  1. British people drive on the left side of the road. The rest of the world drives on the right side of the road!
  2. Christmas is the most important holiday on the island and December is the most anticipated month. However, in Bulgaria everyone is waiting for the hot summer. (Actually, when it’s summer, we are too hot and want the winter to be back; when it’s winter, we are too cold and want the summer to be back).
  3. In Bulgaria, we eat french fries with white Bulgarian cheese and salt, whereas in the UK people eat them with an unreasonable amount of sour vinegar!
  4. In the UK, when you have a birthday, all your guests are responsible for the party and the food, and the birthday boy or girl should give everyone a small sentimental gift as a memory of that day. In Bulgaria, the birthday boy or girl is the one throwing the party, and only the guests should buy them presents for their special day!
  5. If you want to wash your hands and face in England normally, forget about that! The taps for hot and cold water are two separate ones, and you either get burnt or frozen!
  6. The most requested piece of personal information in Bulgaria is your unique identification number. In the UK, the most requested one is your postcode! I would die if I had to fill out ever again, I’m tired of it!

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